Grandma's Song About The Struggles Of Growing Old Is Hilarious

Published November 16, 2017 26,778 Views

Rumble One remarkable 90-year-old grandmother treated her friends and family with good laughs when she took to the stage with her own version of a famous Patsy Cline song, documenting the struggles we all face when growing old. In honor of her 90th birthday, Grandma Vera, from Lovell, Wyoming, gathered 60 of her closest friends and relatives, dusted off her old <a href="" target="_blank">guitar</a> and treated everyone present with a song she wrote some 20 years prior.

The song is a parody of a famous Patsy Cline song called “Fall To Pieces", a song she then dedicated to all the seniors in the room, singing we ‘scrimp and save for the golden years, but when we get here, we fall to pieces’.

Vera, who has been <a href="" target="_blank">singing</a> and playing the guitar since she was 10, continues to evoke rapturous laughter from her guests, with witty lines like ‘each time we bend down, we can’t get up’.

Vera’s granddaughter Tiffany Richardson, who was hearing the hilarious version for the first time on September 23, said: “I’ve been watching my grandmother perform from such an early age, I’ve always enjoyed watching her play and I’m so in awe of her talent.

“I always have such a sense of pride watching her, as if her talent is my little, best-kept secret"