Two Male Kangaroos Spotted Wrestling In Residential Area

NewsflarePublished: November 15, 2017240 views
Published: November 15, 2017

If we put the terrible winter weather and nasty critters aside, we think living in Australia must be an awesome experience! Sure, native Aussies aren’t impressed by anything anymore, because they probably get a lot us unexpected visitors on their front yards, some more dangerous than others though.

More often than not, Aussies get to witness a fight between two of the most famed boxers in the animal kingdom, like these people had, and right in their own back yard. A family in New South Wales, Australia, shot this footage of two male <a href="" target="_blank">kangaroos fighting</a> each other to the ground outside their house.

The video, shot by a local resident on October 26, shows the roos hitting each other and rolling on the floor. You would think that two adult bucks would just shoot fists against each other’s chins, but these guys just claw at each other’s faces, all the while holding their heads back. That’s how girls fight!

The two males would grab each other by the shoulders, then lean on their strong tails to kick the opponent with their even stronger legs. Eventually, the loser retreats and can be heard grunting in submission.

"Those grunts the loser makes can be heard most nights around here," the filmer told Newsflare.

While you’re here, you have to see this <a href="" target="_blank">mob of roos fighting</a> elsewhere in Australia, only these are way larger and quite more aggressive.

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