Brown Bear 'Dances' Against Tree In Russian Nature Reserve

NewsflarePublished: November 15, 2017126 views
Published: November 15, 2017

A funny video has emerged of a brown bear appearing to dance as it scratches an itch against a tree in Visim Nature Reserve in Russia.

The footage, shot on May 1, shows the <a href="" target="_blank">bear</a> rubbing its back against the tree to both relieve an itch and mark it with its scent.

We have to give special credit to whoever chose the music for this clip, because the melody is a perfect match to the bear’s moves! Like an exotic <a href="" target="_blank">dance</a> in some luxury resort in the Eastern countries, the bear appears almost sensual, as he sways left and right against the huge pine tree.

He even reaches behind him to hold onto the tree and lifts his head towards the sky. For a second there, it made us think that it is not an actual bear, but a human dancer into a very convincing bear costume! Very amusing to see!

Brown bear marking activity is a widespread behaviour that has intrapopulation communication meaning. Trees are the main marking objects of bears. According to different varieties of bear marking activities, we can distinguish between the following marks: rubbing, bark biting and scuffing, and branch and trunk breaking. Bears also mark bushes, rocks, boulders, various buildings, and traces of human activity. (source:

Music: "Bummin on Tremolo" by Kevin MacLeod

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