Toddler Destroys $1k Carpet In 30 Seconds After White Paint Disaster

Caters_NewsPublished: November 15, 2017292 views
Published: November 15, 2017

Jacob Frew’s mom says she left him unsupervised for no more than 30 seconds when he managed to create an irrevocable disaster. The 18-month-old toddler got his tiny little hands on a huge bucket of white paint and spilled it over a $1000 carpet at Grandma’s house.

Jacob’s mom, 33-year-old Nicola, found her son in the hallway with a huge puddle of white glossy paint in front of him, a mess he then got on his hands and feet. She quickly took him to the bathroom to remove the oil based paint off his skin, before proceeding to try and reverse some of the damage he had done.

Despite her best efforts, the mom had no choice but to rip up the patch of black carpet – much to Jacob’s entertainment.

“I couldn’t believe he’d managed to create such a disaster in less than one minute, there was gloss paint all over the black carpet, it looked awful." said the mom of this naughty boy. “I have no idea how Jacob managed to open the paint as it was a new pot and they’re normally always so secure." She guesses he tipped it over while trying to stand up, that’s why it was on him as well.

The two were staying at grandma Brenda’s house while theirs was being redecorated. It seems that Jacob was into some redecorating too.

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