Dog quenches first by playing catch with squirts from water hose

NewsflarePublished: November 14, 2017
Published: November 14, 2017

Delightful video from Dublin of a golden retriever with lightning quick reactions catching water sprayed from a hose in its mouth.

In the video, six-year-old Ali is stood barking in front of the hose, which is lying on the path turned off.

Prompted by Ali's barks, dog owner Mike turns it on and sprays water towards the dog from close distance.

Ali is quickly able to move in the direction of the spray, catching the water in her mouth.

Owner Mike writes about Ali: "She just loves me and I love her, when it's cold we play with sticks or toys but when the weather is good enough we get the water hose (out), which is her favourite game.

Ali has been honing this game for the last two years, according to Mike.

"She has natural talent for it. It was more for me to figure out the best way of spraying the water. She really has (remarkable reactions); she is so fixated on the water spray."

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