Family of 13 reacts to news of ANOTHER baby

NewsflarePublished: November 14, 2017
Published: November 14, 2017

Footage of a US family with 13 children getting very excited when their parents announce yet another new baby is on the way.

The video, captured at a home in Muncie, Indiana, shows the children wearing a t-shirt with the word "chicklen" (the made-up word the father uses for calling his children) and their birth order number written on it.

The dad opens a gift bag and unfolds a babygro that reads "Chicklen 14."

When the children realise they are having a new sibling, they can't contain their joy.

"I called it," says one of the girls.

"Mum you're pregnant!" says another one screaming.

The mother later wrote online: ''After 22 years in the navy we decided we were done with having kids.''

''Well, here we are 18 months later and expecting baby 14.''

''We decided to tell the kids we wanted to update a family picture with a theme this time. So I bought the kids a t-shirt that said 'chicklen', along with the year they were born.''

''They all opened their gift bag and put on their shirts. Then dad opened his,'' she continued.

''The kids' reaction is priceless.''

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