Street Performer Plays Harry Potter's Theme Song On Glass Harp

StoryfulPublished: November 13, 2017109 views
Published: November 13, 2017

They say that is you find yourself born with a talent, you shouldn’t keep it to yourself like a miser, but spend it like a millionaire! Everyone has a talent and it seems that this man has a talent for both music and physics!

A talented street performer delivered a <a href="" target="_blank">beautiful rendition</a> of the world-famous and much-loved Harry Potter theme song on his glass harp in Venice, Italy. Hashem Al-Ghaili was on vacation when he happened to come across the glass harp musician and started recording him while he entertained passers-by.

With some 30 crystal glasses in several sizes and a few more filled with water, the man dips the tips of his fingers in the liquid, before proceeding to tickle the rims on the glasses, making them resonate and produce a sound like a harp. The melody resulting from the unusual <a href="" target="_blank">instrument</a> sounds exactly like the original song that opened for the first few Harry Potter movies, bringing an eerie sense of nostalgia in our heads.

Musical glasses were documented in Persia in the 14th century. The glass harp was created in 1741 by Irishman Richard Pockrich, who is known as the first virtuoso of the musical glasses. Pockrich called his instrument the "angelic organ" and it was played with sticks, rather than by rubbing the glasses with a moistened finger. It was reported in 1760 that, "Pockrich played Handel's Water Music on the glasses." His successful concert career was brought to a premature end by a fire in which both the inventor and instrument perished in 1759.

Credit: Hashem Al-Ghaili via Storyful

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