Man who suffered necrotizing fasciitis kneels down to propose to girlfriend

NewsflarePublished: November 13, 2017838 views
Published: November 13, 2017

A heartwarming video has emerged of a man kneeling down to propose to his girlfriend although necrotising fasciitis left him with limited mobility in his leg.

The footage, shot on January 27 at Saint James Airport in Canada, shows the couple reunited after a spending a week apart.

After greeting her, the man kneel down to ask his girlfriend to marry him.

As she realises what is happening she can be seen jumping up and down with excitement.

"When our lives crossed paths two years prior, he was in the hospital with a serious case of necrotising fasciitis in his leg and came within hours of loosing his leg or worse, his life," she told Newsflare.

"The mobility of his left leg was very poor, he could barely bend his knee and his ankle did not move. Still on IV antibiotics at home, We started working with him at the gym."

"The surgeries had taken more then 30% of the muscle out of his leg," she added.

"He confessed the next day that the week I was away, he practiced getting down on one knee and getting up without falling. This little gesture left me in tears."

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