Mumbai police tow car with woman breastfeeding baby inside

NewsflarePublished: November 12, 2017
Published: November 12, 2017

Mumbai traffic police towed away a private car with a woman sitting in the rear seat and breastfeeding her seven-month-old baby.

The car had been parked in a no parking zone.

The incident took place on November 10.

Earlier reports said Jyoti Male, in her mid-20s, was sitting in her white car with her seven-month-old child when a tow-away truck suddenly began to move the vehicle.

She reportedly begged the police to stop towing as it was endangering her baby. But Shashank Rane, the traffic constable, who was in charge, chose to ignore her.

A passer-by stepped in to support Jyoti and urged Rane to stop the vehicle. After his plea also fell on deaf ears, he shot a video of the incident.

In the video, Jyoti also claims that she is sick and flashes a medical prescription. She can also be seen asking the cops to stop as her child is breastfeeding. Rane ignores them and continues to speak on his mobile phone.

After the video went viral triggering a public outcry, Mumbai Joint Commissioner of Police Amitesh Kumar, suspended Rane and ordered a probe.

In a twist to the incident, India Today reported on November 12 that a second video of the incident had surfaced. In the new footage the police are seen requesting Jyoti get out of the car. It also shows a male companion outside the car carrying the baby as she argues with the police.

The probe being conducted by a senior police officer is expected to establish the sequence of events that led to the placing of the child inside the car.

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