Baby Pilot Whale Communicates With A Familiar Human

NewsflarePublished: November 12, 2017280 views
Published: November 12, 2017

An adorable clip has emerged from the Canary Islands, Spain of a baby pilot whale approaching a small boat and appearing to converse with the woman on board. In the clip, which was filmed earlier this month, the baby swims slowly up to the inflatable dinghy and begins to respond in squeaks when the filmer speaks to it softly in French.

"What are you telling me?" The filmer asks.

After a few moments, the <a href="" target="_blank">baby whale</a> swims off with its mother.

"I've known these babies since they were born. They know the sound of my boat, the mothers too, so I think they trust me," the filmer wrote online.

"If I approach quietly, they come by themselves to my boat to say hello."

<a href="" target="_blank">Pilot whales</a> get their name from the original belief that there was a "pilot" or lead individual in their groups. Despite its common name, the long-finned pilot whale is actually a large species of dolphin. The same is true of orcas and several other small whales. The common name of this species is a reference to the pilot whale's long, sickle-shaped pectoral fins that are 18 to 27 percent of its total body length.

Long-finned pilot whales are found in the North Atlantic, as well as the Southern Hemisphere. Those in the north are wide-ranging and have been observed off the coast of the eastern U.S. and Canada, across the Atlantic in places such as the Azores and the Faroe Islands, as well as down the western coast of Europe all the way to the Strait of Gibraltar and North Africa.

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