UK man reveals pregnancy to his parents with message on wine label

NewsflarePublished: November 11, 2017
Published: November 11, 2017

An amusing video has emerged from the UK of a man revealing to his parents with a message stuck to a restaurant wine bottle that he and his partner are expecting a baby.

In the clip, Susan and Geoff Day sit across the table in a restaurant in Hastings and completely fail to notice the bottle right in front of them with the label reading:

"The best parents get promoted to grandparents, we’re having a baby April 2018."

Eventually, the father-to-be starts to ask questions about the wine they are drinking to try to draw their attention to the especially prepared label.

Finally, Susan picks up the bottle, reads the message on the label and the penny drops that they are to be grandparents.

At first she can't believe it but then gets up from the table to give her son a big hug.

The touching moment was captured on November 9.

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