Curious Octopus Swims In The Shallows To Greet Tourists

USATODAY_AnimalkindPublished: November 10, 201757 views
Published: November 10, 2017

A group of tourists in Egypt had the most unusual, yet spectacular sight during a walk along the shore. In the clear shallow waters of the Red Sea, they saw an octopus swimming towards them, probably intrigued by the ruckus the humans had been making on land.

When the octopus got as close to the humans as possible without exposing its flesh to air, he then splayed itself on all eight sides and started changing color. He curled the tips of his arms and <a href="" target="_blank">changed</a> their color from a sandy brown to a bright purple in a matter of seconds, as octopi usually do. The mollusk stayed in the shallows for a few more seconds, before heading off back into the deep. A gentleman as dashing as this one probably has more important matters to attend to.

The impressive footage of the friendly octopus was filmed by a tourist from Britain, who says that the octopus was just “showing off" and was not coerced.

It would seem that octopi in Soma Bay are actually very people-friendly. Another video shows a different octopus also swimming up to the shallows in Egypt, <a href="" target="_blank">to say thank you</a> to a family who returned him to the sea. They had found the creature on the sand, dehydrating and at the brink of death.

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