The New School Principal Joins The Step Team And The Crowd Can't Stop Cheering

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Published: November 10, 2017

At the last scheduled pep rally of the football season last week, Lake Mary High School students gave members of the school's step team, Unity Revolution, an enthusiastic reception when they took center stage on the gym floor to perform. But what really made everyone present jump out of their seats in cheer and awe was when their principal Dr. Donna Reynolds joined the team on the floor and nailed every move! She even got her own uniform!

"I didn’t know how the students would react," said the 49-year-old principal in an interview for TODAY. "My expectation was that they would be dying of laughter, that they would think it was hysterical. But I have never heard such cheering. I was so blown away by how much they were cheering."

Lake Mary is known for their outstanding dance and cheer teams, with Mickey, as the principal is called, being an alumna of the dance team. "We were so happy when we heard she wanted to step with us," said Coach Kelly Lupis. "Just really flattered."

Some students booed when Reynolds came out for her performance, but she said she expected it. After the performance though, students were so impressed with Reynolds’ dancing, they made the caption "THAT’S MY PRINCIPAL" on social media.
At the last booked get up and go rally of the football season a week ago, Lake Mary High School understudies gave individuals from the school's progression group, Unity Revolution, an excited gathering when they became the overwhelming focus on the rec center floor to perform.

In any case, one moment into the group's standard, the cheering got much louder: The Florida secondary school's new foremost, Dr. Donna "Mickey" Reynolds, 49, ran out wearing the mark uniform jeans, a senior class T-shirt, and dark athletic shoes. She remained in arrangement with whatever is left of the group, at that point participate, nailing whatever remains of the progression routine and bringing the house down simultaneously.

"Stepping" is a type of percussive move that came to America from Africa through African-American sororities and organizations on school grounds in the 1980s and '90s. Groups, including Lake Mary High School's own, have a tendency to be various both racially and financially and incorporate both young fellows and ladies.

At Friday night's performance, understudies and even guardians who had come to help the school said Reynolds nailed her execution.

Becky Godwin, whose two teenagers go to Lake Mary, disclosed to ABC News she was awed.

"When she exited onto the floor, you could truly feel the oxygen leave the room," Godwin reviewed. "It was only the most astonishing decibel of clamor I've ever heard and I've been to each liveliness rally. I've never heard the understudies lose their brains this way."

"That was an extremely slick route for her to offer back to us," Godwin said. "She demonstrated them. She unquestionably indicated them."

What's more, the execution worked. Lake Mary High's football group went ahead to make the playoff's at Friday night's amusement. This is so amazing!

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