Thief Breaks His Leg During House Break-In Attempt

NewsflarePublished: November 9, 201729,866 views
Published: November 9, 2017

No matter how unrealistic it may sound, being a thief is not an easy job and not everybody can do it, for a thief has to be dexterous, smart and brave to commit a crime for which they might get caught. And most of all, the whole process demands immaculate planning, preparing and following the target in question. However, not all thieves have thought things through. If you leave out only a small but necessary item, you may pay it with your life.

A CCTV footage of a thief failing to break into a house is well shown in this video. The video that recently emerged was shot in Ho Chi Minh, southern Vietnam, on February 2016, and it shows a thief who tries to open the front gate of a house when suddenly it collapses on him. As a result, the thief breaks his leg but manages to stand up and run away using his crowbar as a walking stick. The residents were not in the house at the time of the incident.

This jaw- dropping video begins with the sneaky thief crouching down next to the gate, trying to find a way in. After he has tested the gate for a few seconds, he stands up and pulls it. Suddenly the large metal gates crashes down on top of the home invader so he ends up on the floor. His leg can be seen sandwiched between the gate doors as it smashes down to the floor. What appears to be the man's right leg is clearly broken following the fall. It is visibly badly damaged after being crushed by the gate. While the residents do not appear to be at home, their dog rushes over and barks at the crook.

It is true that karma has its ways of haunting people who have done wrongs and it certainly comes after this thief. However, he can thank his lucky star because after all, the burglar somehow manages to stand up and hobble away using his crowbar as a walking stick. He falls instantly at first before making a very slow getaway. The residents are not home but the dog is and it chases away the injured man. Due to his badly mangled leg, the intruder falls to the floor instantly when trying to escape. But he eventually hobbles away.

Burglars are made infamous in many videos and they are even chased by bold women. Take a look at this video of a brave lady who chases down a thief after catching her in the act of stealing packaged form from someone else’s porch and is caught red-handed. The heroic woman didn’t hesitate and was quick to act in the right moment. She restrained the thief for almost 10 minutes until the police came and arrested her. This nanny shows serious courage and skills in tackling down the thief. She marches the woman back to the home and holds her outside the garage for eight minutes until police arrives to arrest her.

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