Steam Train Racing Across Picturesque Autumn Surroundings

superjanh1Published: November 6, 2017Updated: November 7, 2017371,441 views
Published: November 6, 2017Updated: November 7, 2017

The development of the steam locomotive in the early 19th century transformed the world, carrying people and goods at unprecedented speeds around the globe. Imagine you could create your ultimate fantasy train set. It would be a network of quaint branch lines passing through some remote, timeless and beautiful landscape.

The little wayside stations would be immaculate and the regular train service would run on time every day. The engines would be steam-powered and polished. The station masters and porters would wear smart uniforms and greet passengers with a cheery wave. Most importantly, the line would serve real people going about their daily business, not serve as a museum piece for trainspotters. Could such an idyllic railway exist in 2017?

Steam trains attract a different kind of trainspotter. There’s something about the toot of the chime whistle, the telltale plumes of smoke and the celebrated design that attracts more than the anorak brigade.

This brilliant video shows a German steam train chugging alongside a beautiful autumn backdrop and we could watch this all day! In a valley of low, rugged hills, there stands the abandoned railway track. Around the corner there's an approaching cacophony of rattles and blasts of steam. Noises from another era can be heard around the valley. And then it appears, clattering and shuddering, the billowing puffs of nostalgia. It’s a mesmerising, unforgettable sight. Soon the air becomes thick and colored with dark grey smoke, streaked with coal dust and grease.

One of the few surviving steam trains in Germany appears on the horizon and slowly makes its way to its final destination. Watching as the train passes through the picturesque surrounding our hearts are already on the Hogwarts Express train!

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