Kidnapped Kids | Stephen Wyatt & Anna Veretelnikova (TPC #1,379) Unlisted Video

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18 days ago

Stephen J Wyatt email:

e-mail addresses
1. Nigerian Immigration Service, Abuja, Nigeria,
2. Nigerian Embassy, Stockholm
3. Sweden National Police
4. Estonian National Police and Border Guard Board
* Katrin Kahro
5. Kazakhstan Prosecutor
Please write to these agencies;
1. The Nigerian Embassy issued the passports and is responsible for recalling them by notifying the Kazakhstan government (Border Police and Prosecutor). Ask why they haven’t recalled the fake passports. They were informed at the beginning of this year. I have provided them with the official letter from the Estonia Vital Records Bureau that the birth certificates used to gain the fraudulent passports are forged documents.
2. An e-mail can be sent to Abuja, Nigeria.
3. A similar e-mail should be sent to the Swedish police, asking what they are doing to determine which laws were broken and why they haven’t contacted the Kazakh and Nigerian governments.
4. Please write to the Estonian police and prosecutor. We know where she is, and they have an arrest warrant on her covering the entire EU.
Ask why they are refusing to issue an INTERPOL Red Notice.
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