These Are The Six Most Mysterious Creatures Caught On Tape

SlappedHamPublished: November 4, 2017Updated: November 11, 20171,925 views
Published: November 4, 2017Updated: November 11, 2017

Every now and then, photos and videos of mysterious creatures appear through the Internet and people love to debate about them. Here are six mysterious creatures caught on camera. From a giant Icelandic worm to a strange creature that washed ashore after hurricane Harvey. Enjoy!

Right after the Hurricane Harvey in Texas, a strange fanged sea creature was found on the beach. Preeti Desai, the girl who took the picture has immediately posted it on Twitter and asked: ‘Okay, biology twitter, what the heck is this?? Found on a beach in Texas City, TX ‘. The Hurricane which brought strong winds and flooding could explain the washed-up creature. She contacted Dr. Kenneth Tighe, a biologist and eel expert from the Museum of Natural History and he determined the creature as a fangtooth snake-eel (Aokatophis chauliodus).

Released in January 2015, a startling footage of an unknown creature came up. It was filmed in Lettuce Lake Park, Florida by a man known as Matt.M. When he first spotted the thing, he thought it was a bear, but after consulting with a local park ranger, he was told that bears don’t usually get into the swamp. He also added that the creature went underwater and disappeared. People wonder if this is a proof that the Skunk Ape exists?

In February 2012, a footage filmed in Lagarfljót Iceland showed something that looks like a gigantic snake-like creature that may be the legendary Worm Monster. Critics called this thing a big hoax because of the poor quality of the video. But the man who has filmed this thing said that this is not a joke and that he believes there is much more than just a scientific explanation behind it.

Spotted in the Portuguese desert, a man-like creature has been caught moving slowly on two legs. However, the creature doesn’t stay in sight for too long, because it vanishes behind a large bush. Some people believe that this could be the famous chupacabra and others think that it was very similar to Big Foot.

The Mothman is a mythical creature that appeared in West Virginia’s folklore in the mid-60s. People say that it is a large, black, flying creature that has a body of a grown man and bat wings. Some locals link this creature with the bridge collapse in West Virginia in 1976 where 46 people have lost their lives. Many witnesses claim that the Mothman was present that day and that he is responsible for the accident.

The creature found in Jodhpur, India is one of many bizarre things found on Earth. Villagers claim that they found this strange looking human-like creature while they were digging tube to fetch water. People on social media think that it looks like an alien or maybe a small deformed human. However, there are still some that believe that this was a simple hoax.



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