Tiny Pup Likes To Sing Along Like Nobody Is Watching

USATODAY_Animalkind Published November 3, 2017 260 Plays

Rumble Who said dogs don’t have the talent for music? A cute video has emerged of a tiny dog howling along as his owner plays Ludovico Einaudi's "I giorni" on the piano. The video, shot in Poland on October 19, shows Tobi raising its head to sing along to what his owner says is his favorite song.

Tobi really knows how to hit those high notes! Tobi’s owner Fiona has been playing the piano since a very young age and it would seem that the fluffy <a href="https://rumble.com/v3a6mz-yorkie-falls-asleep-listening-to-steve-perry.html" target="_blank">Yorkshire Terrier</a> has caught up with his owner’s love of music. Fiona says: “Every time when I started to play he just began to sing, no matter what he was doing in that moment.

“While I am playing he is begging me to jump on my knees and play his <a href="https://rumble.com/v3fi00-husky-singing-his-favorite-song.html" target="_blank">favorite song</a>. That's why I started to record it, cause he's not just an average dog that makes noises, no. In a really funny way he's really expressing his feelings. For sure his favorite composer is Ludovico Einaudi.

“Most of the songs to sing he just choose Ludovico's, but "I giorni" is absolutely a favorite of my dog. Besides that me and my dog Tobi started to work regularly on new songs and videos."

Keep up the good job, Tobi!