Virtual Reality Doors Tease Dog To Enter New Dimensions

StoryfulPublished: November 2, 2017387 views
Published: November 2, 2017

This dog, Max, has gone where no other dog has gone before, to the world of virtual reality, and by the look of it, this golden retriever really enjoyed its time there too. He has the most unexpected reaction when being introduced to the world of virtual reality!

New technologies are pushing ultra-convincing virtual realities out of the realm of science fiction and into the now. They are always looking for the next big thing and that is why significant investments are made on the virtual reality market. Three-dimensional graphics, sound and even motion are putting the 'real' in virtual reality.

Designers really try to trick all of our senses into believing that you're there! Some of the most promising developers of virtual reality gear say that the next generation is even more immersive.

The new headset has improved ergonomics, optics and audio quality, and software that enables better head tracking to follow the user's movements. With the headset on, you find yourself in a world with dinosaurs or extraterrestrials that seem real enough to touch. The image follows your movements when you look up, down or behind. Pretty amazing, right?

This amazing technology can easily trick people’s minds, so imagine what it could do to the mind of our dogs! Max is reacting to the things he sees on the VR headset and makes some sudden movements. His owner is constantly petting his back, so that he doesn’t get scared!
Would you try virtual reality?

Credit: CamShaftOriginal via Storyful

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