Extreme Crosswinds Test Pilots’ Skills At Madeira Airport

Storyful Published November 2, 2017 162 Plays

Rumble The crosswinds at Madeira Airport in Portugal often bring out the best in pilots’ skills and uploader Samuel was on-hand to capture these impressive feats of flying. Filmed in May of this year, it is clear to see the challenges that these pilots face when landing in an airport which can be the scene of such intense crosswinds.

Madeira airport is close to both mountains and sea, making it prone to bad turbulence and poor weather conditions. Windmills near the airport prove that winds are extremely high!

Nicknamed the “world’s scariest airport”, 'Europe's most dangerous airport' and one of the “most dangerous airports” on the planet, the Portuguese landing strip is known for bumpy and tricky landing. It can be difficult to handle even for the most experienced pilots, as this video proves.

This video shows the moment planes attempt to land in strong crosswinds, this is because the runway is right in the middle of an area that struggles with cross winds.

Landing planes would often drift side to side when caught up in the strong winds. Clips show planes struggling to land and take off, though luckily each one manages to get it right. Pilots flying in to the airport often have to navigate difficult landings because of the high winds coming in from the Atlantic Ocean.

There hasn't been an accident at the airport since 1977, when a plane from Swiss airline SA de Transport Aérien (SATA) crashed into the sea killing 36 people.

Credit: aviationchannel2010 via Storyful