Big Brother Moved To Tears After Pregnancy Announcement

Published November 1, 2017 17,778 Plays

Rumble Adorable seven-year-old boy called Mehmet has been asking for a baby brother or sister for as long as he can remember. So when his mom, Feride Yukselen, found out that she was pregnant she knew that her sweet boy would be thrilled. Watch Mehmet burst into tears of joy after discovering that his mum is pregnant.

That is why when Mehmet walked into the kitchen and saw his momma kneeling on the floor he was very confused and instantly asked “Are you marrying me?”. Feride started laughing and told Mehmet that she needed to show him a picture. When Mehmet realized that it was his baby sibling in the picture, he burst into tears!

Mehmet’s dad is recording the entire time, as the little boy cannot contain his emotion. Mehmet cannot believe his ears and has a million questions. He hugs his mom and feels her tummy, and even kneels down to give his baby sibling a kiss! How adorable!

This sweet little guy's big heart is overwhelmed with emotion and just cannot contain his happiness and burst into tears of joy. There's no doubt that his joy and happiness are absolutely contagious because his mom also starts to cry and is moved by his adorable reaction. We sure believe that this baby is going to be very loved!