Beachgoer Poses With Thousands Of Venomous ‘Alien’ Jellyfish

Caters_News Published November 1, 2017 810 Plays

Rumble Thousands of alien-like jellyfish were spotted clustered together 'wriggling and jiggling' at Barlings Beach in New South Wales. This startling footage of the rare phenomenon shows huge amounts of poisonous bluebottles sprawling across the sand, rocks and shallow water, creating a blanket-like effect.

Shocked beachgoer Brett Wallensky posed with thousands of alien-like blue jellyfish washed ashore in Australia feared he would die if he fell into them. He discovered the wriggling mass of venomous Bluebottles, known outside Australia as Portuguese Man o’War.

The 45-year-old motor mechanic from Canberra, who described the sight as “the stuff of nightmares”, captured incredible footage of the brightly-coloured sea creatures writhing in a rock pool. He said: “We went for a morning beach walk and they were all just blowing into the bay and floating underwater”.

What initially appears to be a continuation of the blue ocean from a distance, a closer view reveals masses of the tiny organisms heaped on top of each other. “There must have been thousands of them beached and they were all alive and wriggling”, says Brett.

Bluebottles vary in size and their sting injects potent venom which causes an immediate painful red mark which can blister and cause abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting. In rare cases bluebottle stings can be fatal as they can mimic the symptoms of life-threatening anaphylaxis such as chest tightness and difficulty breathing.