War, an easy word to use, but not to look at.

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Disclosure: **Graphic Content Warning** -- War is not pretty, it's not a video game or. action movie, there will be some clips that some will find incredibly disturbing and shocking.

The first 15 minutes of the stream will be available on Facebook, after that you will find it on our whatsupcanada website, LGM. News, Rumble Twitter (X), Wimkin and Odysee. Thank you for your support and understanding the lengths we have to go to in order to get real information past the regime.

We need to know more truth than they are allowing us in order for us to understand why we need to stop the senseless slaughter.
You will have seen none of tonights information on any "MSM," it will contradict all permitted narratives regarding the conflict in Ukraine, and many of the consequences directly resulting from it.
We need to end the conflicts, before they end us.

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