Brave Snake Catcher Handles World's Deadliest Snake With Bare Hands

Published October 31, 2017 18,649 Plays

Rumble If you have a taste for the dramatic, then we have just the treat for you! A woman working as a snake catcher literally unearthed what is known as the world’s deadliest snake, right from inside a full flower pot. You think it’s nothing special? She did it all with her bare hands!

The shocking footage comes from Adelaide in South Australia, showing snake catcher Ange Broadstock wrangling a deadly Eastern brown snake from inside a soil compost bin in a backyard. In the video, the three-foot-long reptile is completely hidden from view before suddenly popping out into the open. That is when fearless Ange dug into the soil with her bare hands and wrung the serpent out.

Ange, who has ten years experience with this adventurous job, said it was only the second time she had ever been called to remove a snake from such an unusual spot. “We got a call from a resident who spotted it while he was gardening. He’s not bad with them but his wife was terrified.” said the 45-year-old. “You couldn’t really see the snake, so I just started poking around a bit. They like places that because it’s nice and warm, he was almost hot when I got him out.”

Browns are Australia’s deadliest species of snake, ranked the second most venomous in the world. Surprisingly, Ange has suffered not one, but two bites from these notoriously aggressive reptiles. She still claims she is not afraid of them.

She does, however, have some words of warning for Aussies to stay safe while the serpents are on the move in the spring. “Spring season is the most active for snakes, because they’re looking for a mate and food. Anyone gardening in this season should make sure to wear gloves and rake around first. If you keep a compost bin, cover the top with a fine mesh.”