Birthday party turns into surprise wedding

NewsflarePublished: October 31, 201770 views
Published: October 31, 2017

An awesome video has emerged of a couple surprising her family with their wedding when they expect celebrate the groom's birthday.

The footage, shot on October 3 in Vancouver, Canada, shows Melanie walking into the party in a wedding dress, surprising her family and friends.

Jodi and Melanie told their family that they were having a party for Jodi's 40th birthday, however, as they expected to surprise Jodi at the venue, they got the surprise when Melanie walked in in a white dress.

"We sent out invites to our engagement party, which was really a cover for Jodi's 40th surprise birthday party, which was actually our surprise wedding," Melanie wrote online.

"We knew friends and family from Vancouver wouldn't miss the chance to party especially since we were moving to Calgary the very next week."

"We also figured the 40th birthday would convince most of his family and friends who lived elsewhere to fly out for the occasion. The perfect plan...." she added.

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