Color Blind Veteran Sees US Flag Colors For The First Time

Published October 30, 2017 549 Plays

Rumble John Cooper, 84, a retired US Army staff sergeant is the definition of a true patriot. He was color blind from birth and had never been able to see the true colours of the US flag. This devoted veteran is up for a great surprise!

His granddaughter Kristin Ottolino and his son John Cooper are both colorblind. So when they got the chance, they bought a special pair of Enchroma glasses for him. These glasses let people who are color blind see colors the way the rest of the people do.

John is handed a Christmas stocking and finds a pair of sunglasses inside.The first thing this 84-year-old veteran did after putting the glasses on was look at the American flag. It is obvious that this tough guy is overwhelmed taking in the full beauty of all the colors around him.

His caring family placed balloons in all colors and Kristin even put a bright green sweater on just to give John the opportunity to enjoy the diversity of color. This hero fought so hard and finally got the chance to see the flag in its true glory!That is when this Korean War veteran declares that the flag “was always beautiful”.

His son says” Daddy I lied to you, that is not actually just a pair of sunglasses, that is a pair of glasses that will help you to never be colorblind again. Look around!” and the old man is swept off his feet! He is tough and doesn’t show much excitement, but deep down inside, he is the luckiest man alive!