Driver dodges cars to rescue kitten from busy road

NewsflarePublished: October 30, 2017Updated: October 31, 2017
Published: October 30, 2017Updated: October 31, 2017

This fearless driver leapt from his car and dodged speeding traffic to rescue a stranded kitten.

Motorist Linn Tsai, 42, had been driving along the busy two-lane road during rush hour when she spotted the stranded kitten.

She watched the terrified feline stumbling along the road just inches from oncoming trucks, cars and motorcycles.

Linn slowed down in front of the cat - but moments later a morning commuter in grey suit dashes from his vehicle.

The man - weaves past six mopes to scoop up the cat before hurrying back to the pavement to set the kitten down.

Linn captured the heartwarming rescue on her dash cam on April 28 at 8.51am in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

She shared the clip on Taiwanese social networks where viewers praised the ‘’handsome car owner’’.

Linn said: ‘’This restores everybody’s faith in humanity. I had slowed down to asses the situation and try to help the kitten.

‘’But before I could think about opening the door this man was running towards the cat.

‘’He had a look of urgency like saving that kitten was the most important thing in the world.

‘’I think that everybody who has watched this would like to say thank you to that handsome car owner.

‘’He returned the kitten to the pavement and made sure there was somebody there to look after it.’’

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