Puppies rescued after four days trapped under flooded building

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Published: October 27, 2017

This is the touching moment two puppies were rescued from under a flooded building as their desperate mother looks on.

Pricha Khomarum, 32, heard the dogs and their mum crying after four days of heavy rain in Pattaya, Thailand, on October 4.

The construction worker dug his way through the wet mud then reached inside to free the mother and grab the two trembling puppies as the older dog paced around nervously outside.

Pricha emerged with the two young puppies which had been living under the building with their mother where had made a den. They had been in the soaking puddle for several days.

Three other puppies which Pricha could not find are believed to have drowned in the flood water.

Pricha, who has now adopted the two youngsters, said: ‘’The mother dog had dug down under the office building to give birth to her babies.

‘’There had been four days of rain, very heavy, strong rain. I went to work in the morning and saw the flood. I could just hear the mother’s voice so I pulled her out first.

‘’She was staying with her puppies trying to save them, even though it was wet and flooded.

‘’I pulled her out first then dug the ground to break away the edges of the hole and let some of the water out.

‘’I found two survivors inside but none of the others. I’m looking after them so that if ever there is a flood, they’ll be inside where it is safe and dry.’'

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