Pit Bull Dressed Like Human Looks Too Cool For School

USATODAY_AnimalkindPublished: October 26, 201710 views
Published: October 26, 2017

This is the funny moment when a car window rolls down and a dog dressed in human clothes is seen sitting on driver’s seat, clearly embracing the chill of life!

Many dog owners enjoy dressing up their pets in various clothes, from holiday to movie inspired outfits. Even if we must agree that our pets look silly in human-like clothes, our pets are not very impressed by having to wear clothes, as they can sometimes be itchy, feel tight and be annoying for our canine companions. However, pets eventually get used to this, accepting it as part of being a domesticated animal.

This dog owner thought it would be cute if they dressed their Pit bull in human clothes and let him sit in the driver's seat of a cat. His gangster look, dark shades and golden chain will sure give you the creeps and make you think twice before you dare approaching this tough-looking fellow.

He looks adorable, with one paw out the window and the other paw on the wheel, the dog keeps a poker face and looks pretty fly, nailing the role. As the car window rolls up and down, the dog sits diligently with a shirt, hat, and sunglasses on, staring at the camera with a gangster look. Hilarious!

In the second footage, we see the same pooch, now dressed in cowboy clothes, again sitting on the driver’s seat and grinning for the camera. His owner must have taught the obedient Pit bull to freeze and keep his cool when posing for the camera!

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