This Family Wins Halloween With Amazing Costumes Featuring Guardians Of The Galaxy

StoryfulPublished: October 26, 2017553 views
Published: October 26, 2017

Father and daughter transformed into Groot and Rocket from Guardians of the Galaxy and their costumes are out of this world. The Burket family, Amelia Grace, Tim and Catherine. absolutely nailed some Guardians of the Galaxy cosplay.

Tim Burket's daughter is obsessed with Guardians of the Galaxy, so he decided to build a Halloween costume for the entire family, just to make his daughter happy. He went out of his way and built a seven-foot-tall Groot costume for himself. His three-year-old daughter Amelia Grace is dressed as Rocket Raccoon, rocking the tail, gun and sass, along with his wife, who's dressed as Gamora.

All three of the Burkets are flaunting their handiwork as they go trick-or-treating, and we're not sure if we've seen a more adorable family costume!

Burket put on a ton of handy work, it took him about 302 hours to build the seven-foot, eight-inch Groot costume using materials he already had. To wore stilts to make himself taller and installed a fan inside to make the costume more breathable. He was very dedicated to complete his work in time for Halloween.

As for deciding which Guardians characters to be for Halloween, there was no question for Amelia Grace she really likes Rocket, so she kept telling her parents 'I'm going to be Rocket for Halloween,". Although he contemplated channeling his inner Chris Pratt and dressing as Star Lord, Tim's daughter said, "No Daddy, you gotta be Groot. That's Rocket's best friend.” Now, how cute is that?

Credit: Facebook/Tim Burket via Storyful

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