Youtuber pranks friend who went to Australia

NewsflarePublished: October 25, 201720 views
Published: October 25, 2017

Video from California of a Youtuber pranking his friend who went to Australia with this funny satire on oversharing online.

The video, filmed on October 22, shows YouTuber James Nielssen making fun of people travelling abroad and oversharing their experiences on social media.

Nielssen's friend Kyle went to Australia in summer 2015, so he came up with the idea of publicising his friend's trip Down Under to random passers-by in their hometown of Vallejo.

Nielssen explains: "Me and my friends prank each other constantly, so I initially just wanted to make the video to show him and my other friends since I knew they would love it.

"And the meme of the college student studying abroad and oversharing about it on social media is funny in and of itself. On the Internet it's OK to share that kind of info with random strangers but if you do it in real life, you get the reactions that you got in the video."

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