Schoolgirl gives stray cat a piggyback

NewsflarePublished: October 25, 201717 views
Published: October 25, 2017

Adorable footage of a young girl walking to school while giving a stray cat a piggy back.

Hi-chan Inagaki, 12, bent over double to make a comfy position for Saburo as she walked down the street in Chiba prefecture, Japan, on October 17.

The three-year-old tabby looked like the cat that got the cream as he casually surveyed the surroundings like a pussycat prince being carried on a throne.

Hi-chan’s mother, Misao Inagaki, said: ‘’This is a stray cat that lives near our house, so he is quite familiar. We call him Saburo.

‘’My daughter felt sorry for him so she bent down to give him a ride. He looked like an important emperor cat for a little while.’'

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