Beautiful Fire Rainbow Looks Like A Unicorn Mane

NewsflarePublished: October 25, 2017137 views
Published: October 25, 2017

An incredible footage has emerged featuring the magical moment when the clouds looked like a unicorn wonderland. This beautiful fire rainbow looks like a unicorn mane scattered in the skies.The unicorn fire rainbow is lit, people!

Onlookers recorded the incredible shimmering clouds - known as a circumhorizontal arc - in the sky over the Pagadian City in the Philippines. The unique formation resembles a multicoloured flowing mane of the mythological horned creature - the magical unicorn!

Anne, a nurse, said she recorded the ‘unicorn rainbow’’ at around 3pm but it disappeared quickly after that. She said: ‘When I saw it I just thought that it looked like a unicorn, so I called it a unicorn cloud. It looks like unicorn’s mane is showing above the skies, as a herald of the unicorn that is coming.

This is absolutely amazing, it looks like a magical kind of phenomenon and we have never seen anything like this before. Unfortunately, this magical appearance wasn’t in the sky for very long, but lucky for us, Anne was able to record it for us to enjoy! Certainly, it has made a lot of people happy to look at and believe for a moment that these magical creatures really exist! We wish this weather phenomenon occurred more often, so that we can live a fairytale!

The never-before-seen rainbow is believed to have formed from a combination of the humidity, heat, and tiny droplets of water suspended around the cloud. Sadly only some locations in the world have a chance of experiencing this magical phenomenon. Places that have a mid-latitude and is close to the equator have more chances to see a fire rainbow. However, the formation also depends on weather conditions and the right type of cloud in the sky.

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