Shocking video of woman stripping and injecting heroin on man's doorstep

NewsflarePublished: October 24, 201715 views
Published: October 24, 2017

Shocking CCTV footage has recently emerged of a woman stripping off on a resident's doorstep before allegedly injecting herself with heroine.

The video, filmed from a security camera hidden inside a door bell, shows the comings and goings that frequently happened during the night.

‘’This had been going on for a while but when I saw the woman strip like that right outside my house I knew something had to be done," the resident said.

His doorbell camera captured endless hours of them swarming ‘’like locusts’’ outside his flat, which is the last property on the fourth floor of the building.

"It was like a scene from the ‘Living Dead’," the filmer later commented.

The frustrated man, aged 50, then took crime-prevention into his own hands - shaming the woman by plastering dozens of posters of her half-naked antics around flats.

His surveillance camera, hidden inside a door bell, picked up the woman's humiliated and angry reaction a few days later as she stormed over to the picture and tore it down.

Astonishingly, he claims the local housing authority asked him to remove his cameras and stop filming the apparent criminals because it would be ''offensive ‘' to the alleged drug users.

But the bachelor, who lives alone in his one-bedroom apartment, said his tactics of humiliating the woman with posters of her behaviour were successful and he had saved the block of council flats on Pretoria Road from crime.

‘’I was abandoned by the local authority and the police. Nobody was interested in protecting the rights of law-abiding people.’’

The local housing authority, Metropolitan, have been approached for comment but have yet to respond.

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