Monitor lizard caught after raiding a shop store room

NewsflarePublished: October 24, 2017
Published: October 24, 2017

A monitor lizard grapples with animal catchers after raiding the store room at a grocery shop.

The 1.7 metre long reptile was found rummaging through boxes of dried noodles on October 10 in Chachoengsao, Thailand.

Shocked owner Chu Chituphum, 50, screamed and ran away when she saw the beast in her room.

It then darted under a cupboard and had to be dragged out by local animal catchers.

The lizard’s food foraging was almost over, but not before one last bid for freedom, when it gave authorities the slip again and scampered under a roadside building.

It was finally tied up and carried away into woodland several miles away where it was released.

Grandmother Chu said: ‘’I’ve never seen a lizard that big in my shop before. Never in any of my rooms.

‘’This is where I keep all my food so I didn’t want the lizard to stay in here for too long eating things. I’ll get back to work now it has gone.’'

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