Swimming Instructor Puppy Saves Buddy From Drowning In Pool

Caters_News Published October 23, 2017 1,009 Plays

Rumble A 9-month-old Golden Retriever did not shy from demonstrating her skills as a poolside lifeguard, when her buddy fell from a surfboard and into trouble. The puppy, named Cory, is part of the same team as famous Surf Dog Ricochet and rushed to help her pet pal when she fell into trouble.

The <a href="https://rumble.com/v3fpyu-golden-retriever-mop.html" target="_blank">Golden Retriever</a> wears a specialist life jacket to help children with swimming, when she spots that Ricochet has fallen into the water. The brave pooch then rushes over to help her friend, guiding her to the water’s edge and helping her get out of the swimming pool, to the utter amazement of onlookers

Ricochet became an Internet hit when footage of <a href="https://rumble.com/v3331n-surf-dog-ricochets-waves-of-empowerment.html" target="_blank">her surfing with kids</a> in San Diego, California went viral. Now she has a valuable partner in Cori, who has a natural urge to jump into water when she hears splashing, according to her owners.

Cori is trained to help more than one child at a time to swim, towing them using the handles on the back of her life jacket. Along with a trained swimming instructor, she also encourages the children to get into the pool.

Cori’s owner Judy says that when she was just 16 weeks old, she was terrified of the pool, but with baby steps and patience, her fear transcended into a life-saving initiative.