Pro-Kurdistan Protesters Chant 'Get Out of Kirkuk' Outside US Embassy in London

StoryfulNewsPublished: October 21, 2017
Published: October 21, 2017

Pro-Kurdistan protesters staged a demonstration outside the US Embassy in London on Saturday, October 21, calling for Iraq’s military to withdraw from the contested city of Kirkuk. Similar protests took place in Erbil and Stockholm, Rudaw reported. “Kirkuk is our city and we will not give it to strangers,” was one of the chants heard, the Kurdish news agency reported. “Out, out, [Iraqi President Haider] Abadi. Out, out Iran,” was another. This video was shot by Rudaw outside the US Embassy on Saturday, showing people waving banners and flags, and holding signs displaying Kurdistan’s colors. Iraqi forces and members of a Shiite militia took over parts of Kirkuk, Nineveh, and Diyala provinces this week, including the city of Kirkuk. A referendum taken in Kurdish-held areas of Iraq on September 25 resulted in an overwhelming vote for an independent Kurdistan. However, some observers say the referendum had the opposite effect of what Kurds seeking independence hoped for, and instead inflamed the Iraqi government and prompted mobilization of its forces to reassert authority, particularly in areas with oil resources. Credit: Twitter/Rudaw via Storyful

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