Planes Struggle To Land At Birmingham Airport During Storm Brian

Newsflare Published October 21, 2017 548 Plays

Rumble Scary video has emerged showing planes struggling to land at Birmingham Airport against fierce crosswinds during <a href="" target="_blank">Storm Brian</a>. In video filmed on Saturday, October 21, pilots appeared to come close to losing control as their planes sway from side-to-side as they approach the runway.

One plane is seen struggling to land during 70mph winds caused by Storm Brian. The pilots were caught in strong crosswinds as they approached the runway at the Birmingham Airport.

Storm Brian has been battering the country with extreme winds and rain, causing roads to shut down in some coastal areas and train services to be delayed. British Airways has cancelled 20 flights to and from Heathrow because of the need to slow the arrivals rate at the UK’s busiest airport. Forecasters also warned of possible power cuts and flooding due to the torrential winds.

Still, people would not steer clear of the opportunity to pose for a “storm selfie", as they are infamously called, during these hazardous conditions. Ben Lukey, national flood duty manager for the Environment Agency, warned members of the public against posing for photos during the storm.

<a href="" target="_blank">Storm Brian</a> is the result of a "weather bomb" of low pressure in the Atlantic Ocean.