Family's house piglet grew to be a super-size greedy pig

NewsflarePublished: October 21, 2017
Published: October 21, 2017

Meet Shogun the super-size pig - who spends his days lounging around watching TV and being fed and washed.

The oversize family pet was bought four years ago when he was just a tiny, cute piglet, and could scamper round the house.

But owner Putree Thavorn, 50, didn’t realise how big Shogun would become. He now weighs 150kg and saunters round the family home and car repair business in Chonburi, Thailand.

Mum-of-three Putree said: ‘’Shogun’s very intelligent and cute. He loves sleeping on pillows and I wash him every day in the shower.

‘’We feed Shogun a lot. That might be why he has become so big. But he’s not dangerous and we love having him around the house.''

Putree runs a motorcycle repair business from her front room and lets Shogun waddle over to customers when they visit.

She showers Shogun every day and his favourite activity is sleeping in front of the TV on a bed of blankets - and eating. She feeds him the same meals as the family, in addition to snacks of bread, candy, and fresh milk from a bottle.

Putree added: ‘’We were never really expecting him to get so big but he just kept growing.

‘’We bought him when he was a baby and he was very small. But now he has got bigger than he should be.

‘’We feed Shogun a lot of because that’s what he likes. He eats the same foods as us, and then finishes the left overs.

''He’s part of our family. We could never let him go. He’s bigger than he should be but we have to carry on caring for him now.’'

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