Taunted monkey takes biker rider hostage, blocks traffic

Newsflare Published October 21, 2017 0 Plays

Rumble A biker faced the fury of a langur monkey on the middle of the road after taunting it.

The furious monkey got on to the bike and sat on the petrol tank preventing the rider from driving away.

The man and the monkey sat inches away from each other – the monkey too angry to budge and the man too nervous to move.

Traffic came to a halt at a place near Lucknow in Uttar Pradesh, India, as a crowd gathered to watch the tense faceoff which went on for about 15 minutes.

Reports said the man had taunted the monkey while taking out his parked bike and the animal had retaliated by hopping on to the bike and refusing to let him move.

Helpful onlookers tried to shoo away the monkey, which chose to ignore them. Some of them advised the man to dislodge the monkey by pulling its tail, which he declined.

A few asked him to get off the bike assuring him that the monkey would not bite him. He turned down the second suggestion as well.

A woman handed over a banana to him which he peeled and offered to the monkey.

The act seemed to calm it down a bit. It refused the bribe but got off the bike. As the man started the vehicle, the monkey changed its mind and hopped back to reclaim its position on the petrol tank.

This time it was angrier and even slapped him.

A second attempt to lure it with a banana also failed.

As the standoff continued and the traffic line lengthened, police came and started clearing the crowd.

They reportedly managed to get the man off the bike by distracting the animal. After a while the monkey got bored sitting alone and went away on its own.