His Words Are Powerful - This Blind Man Is Using His Storytelling To Inspire!

LifeStyleInspiration Published October 20, 2017

Rumble Born with a degenerative retinal condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa, which could eventually cause him to go blind, Michael Lang is using his adversity to motivate himself and help others achieve their dreams.

After graduating college, Michael's eyesight became worse and he was deemed legally blind by doctors. His kidneys malfunctioned to the point where he needed a transplant, which made Michael think long and hard about his life choices. He could no longer do the things he loved. Rock climbing, canoeing, and backpacking became activities that were too dangerous for him to compete in. So, that's when he decided to change careers and start doing storytelling full-time.

After being forced into telling a bedtime story to his 13-year-old summer campers, 17-year-old Michael's passion for storytelling began. Michael Lang is a writer, musician, and professional storyteller from Durham, New Hampshire. He tells both original stories and tales from around the world to audiences of all ages.

"For me, storytelling is a process of give-and-take. I'm going to give something to the audience and they're going to give something back to me," says Michael.

With the goal to craft stories that entertain, educate, and inspire, Michael created a children's book titled "The Wizards and the Fairies," where children can draw any illustrations they'd like and they're not limited to the imagination of an illustrator.

"My vision impairments are part of what made me who I am," says Michael.

Through his stories, Michael works to battle his own adversities and help others overcome theirs as well. For more information or to contact Michael, visit http://coyotesink.com/information.htm.

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