Puppy Is Jamming With Nice Rock Moves While Suckling Mom’s Milk

StoryfulPublished: October 20, 20179,468 views
Published: October 20, 2017

Paula Shearin shared this hilarious video of her dalmatian puppy rhythmically moving his tiny head back and forth while suckling from mom. Paula added some music to the clip to make it seem like the puppy is headbanging along to AC/DC's rock classic, ‘Back in Black’. It does seem like the little puppy is jamming to that beat, sooo adorable!

This little dog named Dakota shows off its dance moves and jams to some rock music! This cute dalmatian puppy has all the right moves to become the next rock star. We can all imagine this dog wearing black leather jeans and headband scarf and see him rocking in the first row on a rock concert!

Dancing is this dog’s passion and he sure got the moves. Enjoy his Incredible performance and you will be amazed!

You cannot deny the cuteness of this baby animal, even if you don't have a thing for little puppies. This video will put a smile on your face because he’s got the beat!

The Dalmatian puppy is latched onto mom, suckling away, but it wouldn’t be fun without adding a little dance, would it? Mom is relaxed and puzzled at the same time, she doesn’t know what happened and how this one turned out to have a fine ear for music!

Credit: UPOX Feedz via Storyful

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