Sculptor Creates Incredible Clay Model Of Axl Rose

StoryfulPublished: October 20, 2017274 views
Published: October 20, 2017

There are some people who are just gifted with hands and can create amazing work of art that never cease to amaze the public. Sculptor Juliana LePine is one such person blessed with magic fingers and amazing talent. She makes tiny sculptures for a living and she has created numerous miniatures including Marilyn Monroe, Freddie Mercury and many others.

Talented Juliana LeRose created an impressively accurate clay model of rock music legend Axl Rose. Her precise and detailed work is mesmerizing to watch, and has so far earned over 79 million views on Facebook.

The figure you see here is yet another masterpiece which she was kind enough to let us in on how it was made. It is the front man and lead guitar of Guns n’ Roses rock band, Axl Rose. She creates a tiny sculpture of this rock icon and looks like he is alive and rocking the stage!

Watching the entire process of putting it all together is mind-blowing and the end product is pretty mesmerizing, a striking resemblance to rock legend Axl Rose.

Using a combination of off-the-shelf skeletal figure and plastic vitrox clay, Juliana works her way from inside out. Along the way, she ensure to pick out Axl's prominent features, such as his tattoos, boxers and head scarf, so we all know exact who he is.

Watch this video and peek into the entire process while trying not to drop your jaw, because it is that good!

Credit: Juliana LePine Sculpture via Storyful

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