15ft long python caught after hiding in garden hedge

NewsflarePublished: October 19, 201710 views
Published: October 19, 2017

A restaurant owner was shocked after he found this 15ft-long python hiding in the garden hedge.

Krisana Ratanavichai, 24, chased away the reptile after she saw it in the road but it darted into the bush in Pattaya, Thailand on October 14.

Rescuers arrived and spent 30 minuted carefully pulling the serpent from its hiding place.

Relieved Krisana joked: ‘’He is a lucky snake. If I wasn’t afraid of them we might have caught it and put it on the menu.’'

Vet Tanthong Lekcharoenchai checked the python over before releasing it back into the wild.

He said: ‘’Snakes this size are very rare in the city. They’re mostly in rural areas and small villages. This was about four or five metres.

‘’They sometimes come out of the forest if there has been lots of rain and they want somewhere dry The snake has been taken and put back into the jungle.’'

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