Chef Invents A New Way Of Speed Peeling Apples With A Power Drill

Newsflare Published October 19, 2017 35 Plays

Rumble Everything that surrounds us today - computers, light bulbs, cups, remote-controlled lawn mowers was once a genius new invention of a brilliant and practical mind. Some ingenious inventions, like the parachute and the diving suit of Leonardo da Vinci, were much ahead of their time. However, most often such things do not go unnoticed, they are widely picked up by the public: diesel cars, planes, touchscreen smartphones and so on. Brilliant inventions often do not require science or technology of the highest standard, sometimes the wit and use the genius of the inventor are just enough.

Inventors and creators have walked upon the earth from time immemorial. Ever since someone figured out how to use fire, inventions have constantly made our life easier and more convenient. Take for example the fact that you use the same phone to connect with people and all over the globe, take photos, order food, pay your bills, change the channels on your TV and weigh down paper documents on a coffee table on a windy day!

Not all inventions need to involve expensive technology and design. There are simple ones with an original if not scruffy design that offer solutions which substantially make life easier for people. Indeed, all genius is simple. Such trinkets are made without using high technologies and nanomaterials, but they can save us from annoying little things in everyday life. Like the apple peeler in the video at the top of the page.

This amusing video coming from the Newsflare archive shows a chef using a power drill to peel apples in a restaurant kitchen in Barneveld, The Netherlands. Jasper van Ramhorst is the head chef at at Eetcafé de Gribus and one of those creative souls that make a tedious task both fun and appealing. He discovered the ingenious way of tackling the fruit after receiving multiple orders for his tarte tatin.

The video shows him working his way through a mountain of cooking apples by sticking them on the end of the drill and resting a peeler against them as they spin at high speed. This makes one cool innovation created out of sheer convenience, and made of elements which may no longer be novelties but the manner they are connected to one another surprises you, inspires you and in the end makes you a bit jealous of why you did not think of it before. Realizing their own idea, each inventor adds something of his own. InventorsInventors with extensive experience will be able to see different approaches to the use of the same parts and materials. Exactly because of people like our chef Jasper van Ramhorst, every year, more and more new things appear, which easily add to the joy of everyday life or save our time and energy, especially in the kitchen! He has done an amazing job, hasn’t he?

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