Fire Tornado Spins, Spits Flames During Wild Blazes In Central Portugal

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Published: October 18, 2017Updated: October 19, 2017

A wildfire burst out in central Portugal on Friday, October 6, near Pampilhosa da Serra and spread in the coming days to the city of Arganil, where flames and wind were whipped into a firenado.

As many as 50 people were evacuated on Saturday from Arganil, Portuguese media said. All have returned to their homes in the area unharmed.

On Saturday during the fires, which burned near protected forests east of Coimbra, as many as 600 firefighters using 180 vehicles and aircraft fought the blaze, a local civil agency website said.
They usually start with a whirl of wind or smoke.

Fire whirls may occur when intense rising heat and turbulent wind conditions combine to form whirling eddies of air. These eddies can contract into a tornado-like vortex that sucks in burning debris and combustible gases.

Both wildfires and tornadoesare pretty terrifying things by themselves, but together they bring trouble to the next level.

Local firefighters managed to capture the natural phenomenon known as a "fire tornado" or "fire whirl” during this deadly wildfire.

This is a sort of a tornado, but made of fire. It is consisted of a core of ash, fuelled by wind and intense rising heat, it’s as rare as it is dangerously beautiful.

During the European summer, 64 people died in fires in Portugal’s deadliest natural disaster in living memory.

Credit: Facebook/Vitor Hugo via Storyful

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