Legally Blind Father Sees The Faces Of His Family For The First Time In Nearly Two Decades

Caters_NewsPublished: October 18, 2017657 views
Published: October 18, 2017

At age 25, Joe Vasconcelos was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa, a rare degenerative disease initially affecting the peripheral vision, which eventually saw him registered as <a href="" target="_blank">legally blind</a> in 1998. By 2004 the then father-of-three had completely lost the ability to see the faces of sons Justin, Christopher and Joseph, and his wife, Jean. All of that was to recently change.

Joe’s eldest son Justin brought his family to the attention of E-Sight, a technology company developing a state-of-the-art headset, allowing the legally blind to see again. Eager to try anything to see his family once more, Joe organized a trial session with the company, and, after the eyewear had been adjusted to his specific needs, Joe is left overwhelmed with emotion as he is shown a picture of his wife’s face, one he hasn’t seen clearly in nearly two decades.

Visibly shaking as tears start to roll down his face, the Halifax, Massachusetts, dad said: “I felt a surge of anxiety right before trying on the glasses. I’ve always known there is no cure for my condition, but the idea of being able to see again was incredibly exciting.

“Words can’t describe how it felt – after all these years of wondering and trying to picture what my family looked like, to actually be able to see them in front of me again. It was incredibly surreal, I’d still pictured my wife as a younger version of herself, but she still is as beautiful as ever."

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