These Three Brothers Were Ecstatic To Find Out They Will Finally Have A Sister

Caters_NewsPublished: October 18, 2017Updated: October 19, 2017851 views
Published: October 18, 2017Updated: October 19, 2017

Cooper, Rylan and Harper are so excited to be big brothers and today is the big day when they will finally find out the gender of their new baby sibling.

Tensions are rising as all brothers sit on the couch and say their predictions for the baby gender. The first boy wants to have a sister and he really hopes for pink confetti in that black balloon. The other two brothers would also rather have a baby sister, but predict that the new baby is another boy in a row.

Mom is filming the video and dad is holding the big black balloon filled with confetti. The boys all gathered around the balloon and hold a pin to pop the balloon and reveal the gender. After fighting over which of them should be allowed to pop the gender-reveal balloon, the boys end up in tears when they get their wish granted. When all that pink confetti flies out, the boys start jumping for joy. One even starts crying and is overly excited to finally get a baby sister!

It is so adorable to watch them jump out of excitement at finding out that a little girl will join their family and that is what happened!

In fact, everyone in the room starts going crazy on the good news. It's obvious that this little girl is going to be so loved and cared for and these boys will be great big brothers. Congratulations to the happy family! This girl is going to be so loved and treated like a princess!

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