Beagle Puppy Playing In Falling Leaves For The First Time

CharlieTheBeagleandLauraOliviaPublished: October 18, 20171,551 views
Published: October 18, 2017

Everybody loves fall because it is such a glorious season! Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean that the season that follows can’t be fun and this pup shows us just how fun it can be!

Lilly the Beagle pup got to experience fall for the first time and she sure is loving it! At first she seems distrustful of those flying yellow things in the air, the wind gushing from the side. But as soon as she got to sniff around with her mighty Beagle nose, Lilly realizes that this is a great day to be alive and running, so she sets off to chase the golden fall leaves and the wind picks them up and throws them around the yard!

Watching this gorgeous pup run around, sticking leaves in her muzzle and enjoying the general autumn splendor makes us want to toss work for the day, put on our coats and go running in the park! Wouldn’t it be super nice to be careless for one afternoon?

Lilly the Beagle is the baby sister of the ultra-famous Charlie the Beagle, whose <a href="" target="_blank">friendship</a> with baby human Laura Olivia has been documented on numerous videos on <a href="" target="_blank">his channel</a>!

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