Mini Pony Packs a Punch Live!

Published October 17, 2017 813 Views $1.94 earned

Rumble We cannot ever predict what will happen and how an animal will react at some certain time. Well, sometimes things don’t go well at all.The news reporter of CBS3 channel witnessed such tragedy one afternoon while reporting live at the Salem county fair in Woodstown, NJ. Vittoria Woodill was reporting at the time things went wrong. She tried to make a conversation with three girls and their ponies to represent the downtown county fair and how the organization of the event was pretty amazing. At the Salem county fair, they were celebrating 30 years of the organization of this event.

At the point when the reporter started talking to the little girls and showing cute ponies, one of them got really disturbed and things went wrong. Of course, nothing happened on purpose but sadly, one of the ponies got really disturbed by another and kicked the little girl with his feet. Besides the kick, everything went well at the end and no harm happened. What could have gone wrong? Why did the horse react like such?